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Who We Are

Ghana BlueFins offers unique swimming lessons and programs for all ages and abilities. We currently offer 3 different programs in Accra, depending on your desires and swimming level.

  1. Learn-to-Swim for Leisure
  2. Learn-to-Swim for Competitive Swimming
  3. Competitive Swim Team

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and sustain a nationally recognized, competitive swimming program and to create awareness in swimming as a lifesaving skill. We embody the highest quality and consistency of coaching. We emphasize family participation and the involvement of all ability levels. We promote a sense of community, cooperation, and sportsmanship in an inviting, inclusive, and supportive environment, while encouraging each swimmer to maximize their full potential and have fun.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to promote self-discipline and self-improvement. We are committed to providing excellence, the spirit of sportsmanship, and a supportive and productive team environment.

Code of Ethics

Swimmers will not be mean/disrespectful to each other, use inappropriate words, or challenge coaches during training sessions. Swimmers will not be late to practice – if this is unavoidable, swimmers must walk as brisk as possible to the pool. All swimmers must have drinking water during training sessions.

Parents will not interrupt or interfere with children or the coaches during training sessions. Parents will not act as the coaches to their children.

All concerns can be addressed to the head coach privately.

About The Coaches

Mark Ofosu
  • Mark Ofosu
  • Head Swim Coach
  • Mark started his swimming career as a student at the University of Ghana, Legon. He was the swim captain of the university swim team for 3 years. He also is a Ghana National Swimmer and Ghana National Triathlete. He has participated in some prestigious meets, including the 2015 Pan-African Games in the Congo and the 2015 Bilateral Games at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Mark has a passion for swimming and teaching this important skill to others. He is a FINA level 2 swim coach, a certified lifeguard, and an ITU (International Triathlon Union) level 1 coach. He enjoys interacting with his swimmers, but also knows when he needs to be strict! He is easy-going, open to new ideas, hardworking, and motivated.

Natasha Addai
  • Natasha Addai
  • Swim Coach / General Manager
  • Natasha swam for Ghana's National Swim Team and was co-captain of the University of Ghana swim team for 2 years. She competed in the FINA World Aquatics Championships (Kazan, Russia), Pan-African Games (Congo) and the Bilateral Games at the University of Ibadan (Nigeria) all in 2015. She was a part-time coach for Ghana BlueFins in 2017 and started coaching full-time for Ghana BlueFins in 2018. She is a FINA level 2 coach. As a child she always loved swimming, which led her to develop the passion of helping others to learn this skill. She enjoys encouraging people to overcome their fear in water and to eventually become comfortable (or even competitive) swimmers.

Desmond Amponsah
  • Desmond Amponsah
  • Assistant Head Swim Coach
  • Desmond joined Ghana BlueFins in early 2017 as a swim coach and previously worked with Finishline Swimming Academy in 2015. He was a competitive swimmer for the University of Ghana and graduated from the university with a degree in Sociology. He continues to swim competitively for Ghana BlueFins at swim meets in addition to being a coach. He has many hobbies, one of which includes learning new languages (he can speak 8 different languages!). His ability to speak French, English, and ASL (American Sign Language) make him invaluable when teaching foreigners and the deaf to swim. Desmond enjoys teaching swimming and loves finding ways to help swimmers reach their goals. Desmond is a FINA level 2 swim coach.

Ken Ofosu
  • Kenneth Ofosu
  • Swim Coach / Coordinator
  • Ken is very enthusiastic about swimming and loves working with children and adults. He enjoys watching the swimmers grow in the swimming world. In his spare time, he enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. Ken is a FINA level 2 swim coach and certified lifeguard.

Abu Ibrahim
  • Abu Ibrahim
  • Swim Coach
  • Abu Ibrahim (Jericho) started his swimming career at the University of Ghana Sports Directorate as a swim instructor and lifeguard in 2016. Soon after, in early 2017, he joined the University of Ghana swim team and started swimming competitively for the university. He has had the opportunity to compete both in local and international competitions, including the West African University Games in Nigeria. He has a passion for swimming and teaching others the important skill of swimming. He likes to incorporate games into his learn-to-swim lessons for children to enhance their learning and motivate them to unconsciously set goals, while at the same time make the lessons fun.

Obedeka Adjei
  • Obedeka Adjei
  • Swim Coach
  • Obedeka has always felt a passion for swimming. He learned to swim through Ghana BlueFins in 2016 and soon after joined Ghana BlueFins as a swim coach. He graduated from the University of Cape Coast with a degree in psychology and foundations of education. He has since been a teacher for the past 8 years. He believes that every child has what it takes to be successful in any endeavor and that the role of educators and coaches is to help children unleash their hidden potential.